Welcome to my exciting fullstack development project that I’m thrilled to share on my personal website. This venture is a comprehensive, real-time Discord clone, complete with all the essential features you’d expect, such as servers, channels, video and audio calls, message editing and deletion, and robust member roles.

Key Features:

1. Real-time Messaging: The heart of this project is real-time messaging, powered by the dynamic library. It allows users to communicate seamlessly, just like on Discord.

2. Attachments as Messages: Users can share files and attachments as messages, thanks to UploadThing integration, enhancing the overall chat experience.

3. Message Editing and Deletion: Messages can be edited and deleted in real time, ensuring a fluid and user-friendly interaction for everyone.

4. Multimedia Communication: Create text, audio, and video call channels for group or one-on-one conversations. The project supports both types of communication, just like Discord.

5. Member Management: Manage your community with features like kicking members and role assignment (Guest, Moderator, etc.), giving you full control over your server.

6. Invite System: Generate unique invite links and implement a fully functional invite system to help users join your server easily.

7. Message Loading: Enjoy infinite message loading with batched messages, thanks to @tanstack/query, making the conversation history accessible and manageable.

8. Server Customization: Create and customize your servers to your heart’s content. This feature gives your project a distinctive touch.

9. Aesthetic UI: I’ve paid special attention to the project’s user interface, ensuring it’s visually appealing. I’ve used TailwindCSS and ShadcnUI to create a beautiful, modern design.

10. Responsiveness: The project offers full responsiveness, adapting seamlessly to various screen sizes, including mobile devices.

11. Light and Dark Modes: Customize your user experience with both light and dark modes, making the application adaptable to your preferences.

12. Websocket Fallback: To ensure a robust user experience, the project incorporates a fallback system with polling and alerts, ensuring uninterrupted communication even when WebSocket connectivity is limited.

13. Database and ORM: I’ve implemented Prisma as the Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) tool, and the project relies on a MySQL database hosted on Planetscale for data storage.

14. Authentication: For user security, I’ve integrated Clerk for authentication, providing a safe and seamless experience.

I’m excited to embark on this journey and share my progress on my personal website as I work on this fantastic fullstack and real-time Discord clone project. Stay tuned for updates and insights into the development process!